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Got back from BlizzCon around 10pm yesterday. I'm sick now. :(

Went to the Wowhead/WowInsider party on Thursday, both of which I work/have worked for. I got there late though, due to having to wait in the ridiculously long name change line. But being a VIP always feels nice. :)

Went to the Curse party as well. It was cool, but the Raptor drink I had was fucking gross.. and it was hot as hell. There was no AC.. but they did play Cypress Hill. LOL

I miss when BlizzCon was harder to get into and there were only 10,000 people. I didn't like the setup this year. Not sure if it was the same as last, because I had to miss that one, but it seemed harder to navigate.

I miss the DC Comics booth. I always look forward to picking up a couple of figures. They did have Sideshow there though, who recently got a DC contract, but nothing to buy.

The artist panels were really fun. I watched a few of them. The guys using ZBrush were amazing. I'd never seen that before. I bid on Luke Mancini's SC piece, and won. Seeing his technique using a square brush was insanely awesome.

I also played Mists of Pandaria, which was neat. Kinda kiddie.. Kung-Fu Panda-esque. But fun all the same. I wonder how the character selection screen will work, as you're neutral until you choose Alliance or Horde at level 10.

I didn't stick around for the concert. I like the Foo Fighters, but meh. Apparently it was fantastic, because he jumped in the crowd and ended up being right next to my seat. At least my husband and friend got to see.

Last, I'll never stay at the Hilton again. What a joke. Of course, room costs were up $100 bux or so from the last time I went, but they also doubled drink prices. $20 for a double Malibu, srsly? No outside drinks. And they had security officers all over the 5th floor, which I was on, harassing guests to ensure they didn't go out on the pool deck. They literally had lists and you had to verify your room number and name, before they'd let you go to your room.

If we go next year, I'm going to enter the costume contest. As long as I start early, I should be able to finish in time. Also - idk why girls continue to show up as Tyrande Whisperwind, Alexstrasza, etc. They don't win. At most, they get crowd reaction from the guys - but been there, done that. One of my favs this year was the minecraft costume, and who knew what was under that box? Epic fall was awesome. :)


United States

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very late thanks for the :+fav:!
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hi there ^^ do u actually create your keychains and stuff? :3
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It's a cake we made using the voidwalker picture!
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cute!! :)
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