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i know it's been a while. i'm sorry. but, i hope to be uploading new things soon.

what i've been up to:
* World of WarCrafts
* Specced for Awesome
* freelance work here and there

thanks to everyone who sent me messages. i promise to look at them all! :)
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Child's Play Raffle

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 5, 2007, 10:18 AM

omg, so it's been forever since i've been on DA. it's not for lack of work or anything. i've been SUPER DUPER busy. my husband and i got our blog up for our WoW guild. it's really taken off!

what's been keeping me busy though are the charity auctions we're hosting for Child's Play. so far, we've raise $651.00 and  donated it to CP thanks to our readers. now, we've got something uber special - a in game raffle event for a slew of prizes.

find out more here:

oh - and in other news, i ordered a wacom tablet..which should be here ANY DAY! i'm so excited! this means tons more stuff coming up! :)

my next kiriban will be at 4,444. the next prize will be a sticker set as listed in my gallery. i'll be posting more sets until that pageview so there will be more options. :D

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oh noes

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 8, 2007, 11:02 AM

we took our baby (21 mos…) to the doctor this weekend. he needs to have surgery.. nothing major, but they're going to have to put him under anesthesia. i'm terrified! he's so tiny. :( by nature, i think of the most horrible outcomes (i think to prepare myself in case something did happen), so i'm just really worried.

secondly - i found taffy. but it wasn't that great. i want six flags taffy w/o having to make the 2 hr trip to arlington and paying $50 to get in.

i'll probably glaze/prepare tonight. i was hoping to have them up sooner, but it's been a long process. i took some pics of them maybe i'll post that. it looks so need to see over a dozen little white nothings. lol

these guys will come in cute gift sets and will be limited edition. everyone buy so i can pay for the hospital bill i'm about to incur. lol

my next kiriban will be at 4,444. the next prize will be a sticker set as listed in my gallery. i'll be posting more sets until that pageview so there will be more options. :D

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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 2, 2007, 7:05 AM

within the next week i'll be updating my other website, i'll also be posting to my alt dev acct vectorvixen. i also need to order more supplies.

and somewhere, i need to find saltwater taffy that doesn't suck.

my next kiriban will be at 4,444. the next prize will be a sticker set as listed in my gallery. i'll be posting more sets until that pageview so there will be more options. :D

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kiss kiss

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 27, 2007, 7:25 PM

man have i been busy. work, contract websites, orders, kids..

i'm pissy too because i just got back from going to slutskys to find out that they got my order wrong. how the hell are you going to mess up a sandwich with only cheese, olives and lettuce?? they left off the cheese.. wtf.. that's the most important part. GRR!

so i've been thinking about doing a kiriban. i'm going to do one for different number sets though - 2,222 / 3,333 / 4,444 and so on. so it looks like the 2,222 is coming up soon. i think i'm going to give away a cell charm or something - but i duno. you guys tell me what you'd like and then i'll make an official post.

i've been working on a lot of other stuff too.. i just haven't put it up b/c altho the designs are cute, i'm not sure what i want to do with it yet. lol

avatars are still up for grabs. if you want one, let me know.


ok - i've decided.

lucky visitor number 2,222 will receive a free cell charm of any of my characters.

this includes my wow collection, smb collection, original characters...basically any character in my gallery. all you have to do is submit the screenshot showing you were 2,222.

the cell charm will come w/ beads and stuff - so if you're too manly for that, then let me know and i'll leave them off.

good luck!~


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chicken soup

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 17, 2007, 1:02 PM

ok yeah, so not really. but i am sick. runny nose, sore throat.. it's like allergies, but not. i think one of my kids gave me something from school. BAH!

so i'm glad to have finished and entered into the junk food contest. i put it off so i had to bust my ass the last cpl of days. now i'm working on another contest ending this week - which i just learned about late last week. mega work to do...but i promise to be releasing some ultra cute stuff soon because of it!

also - i'm going to be doing some free avatars.. so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. i can't promise that they'll be finished by the end of this week, but i can try. :D


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Journal Entry: Fri Sep 7, 2007, 12:35 PM

today marks the 11 year anniversary that tupac was shot. not that i'm really sentimental about it, but it made me think about things. i listen to a LOT of different kinds of music..but growing up, my early teen years, tupac was definitely an influence. these days i still listen to hip-hop/rap but it's not the same. 90% of the songs have no meaning. just good beats. makes me sad.

also, i have another account on deviant art.. :iconvectorvixen: i have no icon tho, hah! anyway, i'm going to be posting stuff to this account that's unrelated to starprints. it's kind of my darker side, i guess. i also have a website that features an ambigram i did, but i have yet to make something of it. but, i'll keep you posted. :D add me if you want.

hobby lobby is having a sale on cardstock thru saturday. 50% off all single sheets and packages. this is a great deal - so i had to share.


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i'm it.

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 4, 2007, 6:45 AM

so it took me 20 hours, but i finally got humar the pridelord. i started at about 9am and camped his tree. finally saw him at 4:44 (which is my favorite #..odd, eh?). he pwn'd me and when i got back, someone had wiped him and everything around him. fuckers. so i had to wait another 12 hours for him to spawn. by 6:30am this morning, i came downstairs and my DH got him for me. woot!

in other news, i hope to post some new stuff. i did an arctic set, a SP voidwalker charm and a pumpkin charm. i've been busy with orders and a new website i'm working on.

but yeah, i'm it. i got tagged, so here goes:

Tagged By: :icongonnafly:

The rules to the game:
1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

Yay! For randomness:

1. i hate seafood, but i think sushi is super cute!
2. i'm incredibly indecisive.
3. i've always wanted to be a singer, eventho i prob don't sing that great. lol!
4. i love rainbow colors, but i love black as well (can't make up my mind).
5. i own a TON of lip gloss.
6. i play wow.
7. all of my animals have been named after FF characters (rikku, lulu, tidus, yuna, vincent).
8. i hate to exercise.

ok, i can't pick 8 people to tag.. it would just be awesome if everyone would post about themselves..cuz i want to know about all of you! :D


YAY! my chiipi arrived today! it's SOOOO adorable!
character designed and created by:


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seriously busy.

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 30, 2007, 6:53 AM

i have been, that's why i haven't been updating.

we got a few new sales guys where i work, which means a lot more work for me. it's 3x the work i had - basically. i have a couple of sites in the works. i've spent a lot of time on one, and i'll post when i get the core design up. the other, i've just been thinking about. i've also had some orders come in, so i've been busy with those. i made some more sticker sets yesterday, so maybe today i can take pics and post. who knows. lol

my 9yo also started school this week..and he's had homework everyday since he started. my 19mo old also has homework everyday - but not quite as time consuming.

my hubby and i are now lvl 22 (blood elf hunters). pretty good considering we spend about 1hr a day playing - although not so much this week. hunters FTW!


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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 20, 2007, 9:39 AM

i am currently open for commissions.

what kind of commissions do you do?
charms, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, sculptures, etc.

i saw this awesome charm by someone else, can you make that for me?
no. if you want a charm that someone else makes, ask them. if what you're wanting is a generic something (animate/inanimate object, etc.) in my style, then yes, i can do that.

how much do you charge?
the price will be similar to what's on my website. if you would like a custom order, send me a note (or e-mail to w/ the subject CUSTOM ORDER and description of the item you want and i will send you a quote.

how much is shipping?
shipping is a flat rate of $2.50 to anywhere in the world.

what payment methods do you accept?

how will i pay?
once you have accepted the quote, i will send you a link to purchase the item via paypal.


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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 20, 2007, 7:22 AM

what are starprints?
starprints are little characters i create. most of them have little stars marked on them.

how do you design starprints?
sometimes i draw them with pencil/paper first, and sometimes i just use illustrator. i also use photoshop for pixel stuff.

how do you make the plastic charms?
i use ink-jet shrinky dinks. currently, they are not transparent, they're solid white. if you try to print on the transparent shrinky dinks, your ink will run.

how do you make your clay charms?
i use sculpey, basic clay tool set, acrylic paint, toothpicks, paintbrushes, glaze/sealer, findings.

where do you buy the materials to make your products?
i purchase most of my mats from hobby lobby. occassionally i use ebay or michaels.

how much of an investment is creating charms?
well i've made a pretty big investment. you can start smaller than i did though. the clay is under $2, and i buy cheap paints. glaze is about $4. the shrinky dinks are $10/6 sheets. there are also things like findings (jump rings, chain, etc) for charms/earrings/necklaces.

how long does it take you to create your characters?
it depends on the complexity. the wow characters took a little longer because they have a lot of detail that i had to simplify.

do you have any tutorials?
yes, i have a tutorial for making shrinky dink charms here. i hope to release more soon, and i will always answer any questions, just note me!

do you accept commissions?
yes. i have a link at the top of my journal explaining how this works.

where can i purchase your products?
for commissions, please note me. otherwise, you can purchase my products at my website and sometimes i list random items at my etsy shop.

why do you have two shops?
initially i started with only starprints characters being available on my website. however, i've created an extra stuff page that lists miscellaneous characters and items. i wanted to keep my etsy shop up because it makes my products available to people who don't know about da or my website.

how much does it cost to ship?
i charge a flat rate of $2.50 to anywhere in the world. this covers packaging, postage and me driving to and from the post office. orders in the united states usually arrive within 3-5 days and international orders usually arrive within 5-10 business days.

what payment methods do you accept?
at the moment, i only accept paypal. with paypal your info is secure and you don't have to sign up in order to make a purchase.

anything else?


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all kinds of updates

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 19, 2007, 3:14 PM

so, a couple of things i'll be updating.. my chars, for one. i decided to add some small details that i think will make them a little less flat. i noticed when i was working on the junk food characters that they were always looking straight ahead, so i'm fixing that by adding little highlights.

i'll also be updating my site w/ new products, and hopefully get my FAQ and commission section finished today. i also plan on adding my clubs to this layout soon.

special shout to :iconmonkeyco: who's been making some awesome stuff lately!! good job :D


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oh my.

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 15, 2007, 12:06 PM

i'm redesigning my journal. i know - it's only been a day.. but there are some issues w/ da's level of customization that are driving me crazy. so, pardon the mess!

aside from that, i hope to work some more on my 100 themes project today. oh - and i taught the baby how to say OH EM GEE! although, it sounds more like O N D. hah!


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so i've created a new layout for my journal. some of the links aren't working yet, but they will be soon! i just wanted to test this thing out and see how it looks. :D

i took the style out cuz i didn't want to have to copy the new on in. :P
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i purchased a subscription today. so far, it's pretty neat. i like how i can view/add comments instantly. i'm also going to open myself up for commissions soon..i've just been lazy busy.

i started up wow again. we decided to roll horde this time around and play on a pve server (our mains are on dark iron - alliance). so if you see furio and carmela on terokkar (sp?) say hi! :D

i'm also going to take :iconstreetmilo:'s idea to do a 100 theme challenge. i always have the hardest time trying to figure out what i want to do. that should make it easier! thanks for the idea!!
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i bought some photoboxes at HL yesterday to store supplies in. usually, my crap is scattered all over the kitchen/dining area. so i organized everything yesterday and today i need to clean off my desk so i can put the boxes in my library cabinet thing. i just don't want to. i think i'll take a picture of all my crap and post it up here so it will make me feel embarrassed to be so messy.

i also need to start up the grill. oriental steaks, yum. and later, i'll be in the :iconcute-craft: chat. wo0t!
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so i just finished a haruko (bunny) plushie. it's a little smaller than my hand, but looks totally silly. my husband said - oh that's cute, it looks like a little kid made it! :/

i did learn a lot by doing it though.. so i'll think of it as a learning experience instead of total failure. lol

oh - and THANKS to :iconcute-craft: for the lightbox idea. i finished it this weekend and i think it's really neat! i need to get a couple of lamps (i want to try to light the sides and not just the top) but i think it's going to work out well!
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i finished some bloopers last night. just need six more sets to finish my smb collections.

i also made an attempt at crafting some beads w/ sculpey. they turned out ok. i'll post pics later. it was a lot harder than i thought LOL!
how many of you guys/girls have a subscription? is it worth it?
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so i haven't posted anything lately, but it's not for lack of work. i decided to expand my wow characters to include all of the classes. all of them are in high lvl armor. i want to wait until i finished the collection before i release them.

i finally went to the movies this weekend too. saw transformers. pretty awesome. :D
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